Despite graduating and continuing on in their journey, our alumnae are still very much part of the sisterhood. Whether it be using the skills they've gained through their past positions, continuing to give back to their communities, or keeping in touch with sisters and their lineage, alumnae continue to represent the pillars and values of Kappa Phi Lambda. Being a part of Kappas means a lifetime of friendship, and our alumnae are the greatest example of that! 

     As the history and legacy of Psi Chapter, the active house wants to thank each and every sister that contributed to the growth of our chapter and the bonds that have created this sisterhood. 

Watch the video below to hear why our alumnae joined this sisterhood.



KellySZ - Kelly Zhao.jpeg

Alumna Spotlight

Current Occupation: 

Registered Nurse


Major / Minor at UIUC:

Nursing/Community Health/Health Education &

Promotion/Health Planning & Administration 

Class of 2016


Annie *Candide* Truong


Alison *Wonderstruck* Yuen

Erin *Caravelle* Qi

Rebecca *Stardom* Tu

Previous Positions as an Active: 

Treasurer, Warden, Community Service Chair, Philanthropy

Zealous Zetas

Crossed Spring 2010

Kelly Zhao


How has joining Kappas impacted you and your career?

Kappas helped me with how to balance work life & personal life balance, allowed me to connect with sisters from various locations that ended up working in my profession as an RN. It's given me leadership positions and enabled me to be confident and come out of my shell. Kappas has given me an everlasting sisterhood and a home away from home that even 10 years has passed as a KPL sister, I've still maintained some of the closest relationships with my Kappa sisters.

What was your favorite thing about being a part of Kappas?

The long night, deep and intimate conversations, mutual respect and understanding from my sisters and the forever sisterhood.

Fun Fact:

I'm getting married to my best friend 12/12/2020

"Find your niche, be true to yourself, be confident, and don't let any obstacles stop you from your goals!"

Advice as an Alumna



about our chapter advisors below

Chapter Advisors

Chapter Advisors are an extremely important asset to a chapter’s success and provide guidance and support to the chapter and our chairholders. It is important that advisors foster the development of the chapter as a whole as well as individual chairholders and members. An advisor should be familiar with the policies and regulations of the chapter, our national organization, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Chapter Advisors:

  • Provide guidance and support to the chapter and chairholders of operation

  • Foster development of the chapter and individual members

  • Discuss important chapter issues with chapter’s executive board and minor board

  • Be knowledgeable about policies, regulations and procedures of that chapter

  • Attend chapter meetings when needed or as expected

  • Serve as a positive role model to chapter members

  • Respond to questions and help from members in a timely manner

Our Chapter Advisors


Current Occupation:

Grad Student


Fall 2018 | Chi Cascade


Gina *Joyeux* Groesbeck


Danielle *alita⋆* Heo

Previous Positions as an Active: 

President, Vice President External, Fundraising




Why did you decide to become a chapter advisor?

Although I graduated, I still wanted to contribute to the sisterhood and strengthen the chapter by being a resource for sisters and the chair holders. I felt that becoming chapter advisor would be an amazing opportunity to use the knowledge and skills I've gained from being active and from taking on positions during my undergrad. 

What are your goals as chapter advisor?

Ultimately, I want to help the sisters improve themselves and their relationships with one another, whether that be giving advice or just answering any questions they have. I truly believe that strengthening the sisterhood starts with empowering the sisters and giving them the tools to do so. 


Favorite Memory as a Kappa:

There are definitely a lot to choose from, but one of them would be picking up my little, Dani. The experience of picking her up and seeing her being revealed to the greek community made me feel so much pride and joy in knowing that she was going to do amazing things for Kappas. I would also say that another memory was going through the process and crossing with my line sisters. I loved every moment I spent with them, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them!


Why did you decide to become a chapter advisor?

I was initially interested in becoming a part of National Board but the time commitment is a lot for me at the moment. After learning about the chapter advisor role when Caryn reached out to me, I was excited because I thought it was a perfect way to still be involved with Kappas after graduation and I love serving as a mentor.


What are your goals as chapter advisor?

In prior years, chapter advisors were not as active in helping with the operations of the chapter. My long term goal is to solidify the role of chapter advisors with feedback from sisters and perhaps incorporate it in the bylaws. I would also like to form a committee for Psi Chapter’s 15th anniversary in fall 2021 by the end of this academic year. I’m excited to connect active sisters with our alumnae for this milestone. 


Favorite Memory as a Kappa:

My favorite memory is picking up my Little Love Maze! The process of becoming a Big Sis is so exciting and quite a privilege, therefore it is something I’ll always be grateful for.


Current Occupation:

Medical Scribe


Spring 2017 | Tau Takeover


Patricia *Gorgeous* Reyes


Esther *Love Maze* Kim

Previous Positions as an Active: 

Program Educator, Sisterhood, Philanthropy, Cultural, Vice President External, Recruitment, Fundraising, Choreographer, UGC Council Representative