Mascot: Phoenix

Flower: Orchid

Gem: Diamond


Red, White & Heather Grey

“We, the sisters of the Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated, strive to strengthen Sisterhood amongst women by providing Service and promoting Cultural Diversity to our members and our community, thus securing the bond of kinship for posterity. Kappa Phi Lambda exists to further educate individuals about Pan-Asian culture, while keeping our own identities. We aim for academic excellence, keeping in mind the importance of education and learning as the key to strength, awareness, and fulfillment.”


Kappa Phi Lambda was founded March 9th, 1995 at Binghamton University in Binghamton by seven lovely women: Elizabeth Choi, Karen Eng, Rei Hirasawa, Hee Cho Moon, Chae Yoo, Samantha Somchanhmavong and Connie Yang. They envisioned a powerful sisterhood that represented cultural diversity, gave back to the community, and shared a powerful bond that would unite sisters globally. Born to raise awareness about Pan-Asian cultures, Kappa Phi Lambda has continously grown to represent our strong seven founding mothers today.​

Kappa Phi Lambda made its way to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus in 2006. Lisa *BeWitch* Mitsuno, Jamee *Classic* Lee, Nadia *Flush* Sofiandi, Jeni *Lullaby* Wong, Lisa *Shockwave* Kwak, Xiao-Lin *Evanescent* Wang, and Cathy *Lustre* Zhu were the first seven wonderful charters of Psi Chapter. These women made our chapter possible, allowing us to uphold our pillars and bring in new sisters every year.

Without them, Kappa Phi Lambda at UIUC would not exist! 



Philanthropy is a very important aspect of Kappa Phi Lambda. Since our establishment, each of our chapters has worked to raise money to donate to a variety of organizations. Kappa Phi Lambda’s national philanthropy is CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere). CARE is an international humanitarian organization working to fight global poverty and empower women by improving basic education, ending gender-based violence, providing healthcare and nutrition, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, expanding economic opportunity, and delivering emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters.


Spirit of the Phoenix is an annual event held in March to promote and celebrate women empowerment through various events. This past year, we hosted various events featuring UIUC and CU organizations such as the UIUC Counseling Center, Courage Connection, and RACES (Rape Advocacy, Counseling, and Education Services). 

Courage Connection is our local philanthropy providing housing and supportive services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or who are victims of domestic violence. They believe in the right of every person to safety and the potential of every person for success. 



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