We welcome you to our Spring 2020 recruitment: Sweeter Than Honey! 

Where are you Alpha Alpha Class?

Why Sweeter Than Honey? Because this spring, we’re celebrating the radiant and warm women that make up our sisterhood. We want to enjoy and embrace every moment we have together in a sisterhood that knows no bounds. If you want to see if Kappas is the right fit for you, attend a few of our events and let’s be Sweeter Together this semester. ✨

Why Kappa Phi Lambda?

Kappa Phi Lambda is one of the fastest growing Asian-American interest sororities in the nation! We aim to make a difference in the Asian American community by promoting cultural awareness, hosting service events at local organizations, and raising money for our national and local philanthropies. Sisters build friendships that will last a lifetime, meet new people who will enrich their social and academic lives, and work toward self-improvement while cultivating valuable interpersonal and leadership skills. 

sisterhood and women empowerment

We believe in not only helping our communities but being an important force in society. As a sisterhood, we believe in empowering our sisters to become leaders of the world and encouraging them to raise their voices and be heard. The bond of sisterhood is a common light that burns passionately in each sister. We embrace a unique relationship based on friendship, respect, and a shared vision. Wherever we go, each sister is connected and important to the sorority. 

Kappa Phi Lambda provides active sisters with a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Many of our sisters become leaders in the APA community, United Greek Council, and within our own organization as board members and mentors to younger sisters. With over 3,200 sisters and 29 active chapters and colonies nationwide, there are infinite networking opportunities. Sisters often get the opportunity to meet and network with alumnae sisters, many of whom actively participate in sorority activities after college. These connections can help you find housing when you're visiting a new city or even help you get your foot in the door at many larger companiesYears after graduation, sisters continue to find success professionally and personally while continuing to represent our sorority’s letters.

academic excellence

Kappa Phi Lambda values academic excellence and recognizes that the reason students enter college is to receive an education. College is a time to explore, become well-rounded, and gain the skills necessary to enter post-collegiate life. While each sister is held to high academic standards, we also provide opportunities to learn skills that can empower each of us as individuals such as social, organizational, and leadership skills and to be more deeply involved within the college and local communities to enrich the college experience. Our sisters come from a diverse range of majors and hold each other to high academic standards while encouraging, motivating, and helping each other.

community service and philanthropy

Sisters participate in various service events in the local community such as volunteering at Wesley Food Pantry, making tie blankets for the women at Courage Connection, and reaching out to the homeless and impoverished through Salvation Army. We also host fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for our national philanthropy, CARE, and our local philanthropy, which we choose each semester. Many sisters are also involved in other service and philanthropy-related student clubs that allow our chapter to get involved in other issues.

cultural diversity and awareness

Every semester we host a variety of events focusing on raising cultural awareness. Our sisters come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and have a wide range of life experiences to share with each and every one of us. Because our sisters feel strongly about cultural diversity, they are passionate about becoming involved in the AAPI community, both on our campus and nationwide. Many of our sisters are leaders in other on campus organizations and are known for their involvement. Although we are an Asian/Asian American interest sorority, by no means are we non-Asian exclusive. We believe that by educating our community and our members about the beauty and complexity of Pan-Asian cultural heritage, we uphold the importance of understanding all cultures and enriching multiculturalism.

frequently asked questions



Rush is a time period filled with events that enable you to get to know the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda as well as other girls who are interested to join our sorority too!


A bid is an invitation to an individual from a chapter or colony to begin the process to join Kappa Phi Lambda and be a part of our new member process. After recruitment ends, bids are given to individuals deemed to be a good fit for our organization. In order to be eligible for a bid, the interested individual must go through an interview process and attend a set number of recruitment events (which may vary depending on individual schools).


We all know the college student struggle. ALL rush events are free and non-obligatory! Feel free to come out, meet our wonderful sisters and make awesome new friends!


No! Although we are an Asian Interest sorority, we are by no means Asian-exclusive. We strongly encourage women of all backgrounds to consider joining. In fact, our current membership boasts of women from a diverse array of cultures. As one of our three pillars, cultural diversity is an essential part of the organization’s identity. We celebrate this diversity by holding cultural events on campuses and within our communities. Chapters and colonies also host joint events with other clubs and Greek-lettered organizations to further promote a spirit of cultural awareness. We believe recognizing individual members for the unique value they add makes us greater as a whole.


​​In order to be eligible for an interview, you must attend at least two rush events and one General Information Meeting (GIM)!



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