We welcome you to our Fall 2020 recruitment: Kappa Spirit! 

Why Kappa Spirit? As Kappas, we are each other’s cheerleaders - encouraging one another to be our best selves and to reach our highest goals. We are one big support system, holding each other up in the stunts of life. If you want to find out if Kappas is the right #SQUAD for you, come out to some of our events and let’s start strong this semester!

✦✧  C O V I D - 19   D I S C L A I M E R  ✧✦

To do our part in keeping campus as safe as possible during this pandemic, the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda will be maintaining social distancing and following safety protocols throughout the entirety of rush. For ALL in-person events, rushees and sisters will be required to wear masks properly (above the nose & below the chin) and provide proof of recent negative test results from the University. Temperatures will also be measured, hand sanitizer will be provided, and anyone showing symptoms (high temperature, coughing) will be asked to leave. All in-person events will take place in large open areas, allowing the 6 feet apart rule to be enforced and applied. Attendees at our events will also be split into smaller groups to further reduce social proximity. 
If you feel uncomfortable with coming out in-person, please do not feel pressured!
We completely understand that in our present situation, rushees may not be comfortable, or even be able to come out in-person. Fortunately, we will be having many online events that allow us to meet one another virtually, and we also welcome everyone to join us at our next rush.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Psi Chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda will not be giving out bids this semester. However, we hope that we can take this rush as an opportunity to meet new girls and to get to know them better throughout the semester, as we plan to resume regular rush in the spring. 




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